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Ultimate Praise Ministries

Darryle J. Bass Senior Pastor

For His Ultimate Sacrifice, We Give Him An Ultimate Praise

We Acknowledge Your Presence

U.P.M. Praise Team

Alpha & Omega

Pastor Darryle Bass

I Won't Complain

Pastor Darryle J. Bass

Praise Him In Advance

U.P.M. Praise Team

None Like You

I'm Chasing After You

U.P.M. Praise Team

Everybody Clap Your Hands

U.P.M. Praise Team

You are Great

Come On Bless the Lord

I Call You Faithfull

U.P.M. Praise Team

He's Able

Pastor Bass

Yes, Lord Yes

U.P.M Praise Team

If You Move I'll Fall

U.P.M Praise Team